Gangs can be very dangerous. People who join gangs end up either dead or if they're lucky in jail. This is a frequently asked questions page it has questions and answers that could help you with gangs and gang members. Knowing about gangs could help you a lot either how to avoid them. Or how to prevent family and friends from becoming mixed in with the dangers of gangs.

How do gangs start?
Most gangs start with a couple of friends and then grow bigger. They claim turf, or their area and they intimidate kids who live the neighborhoods of their turf. Gangs start to grow by starting offshoots or branches. People in other neighborhoods, cities, or states can start their own branch of a successful gang (Engher)

Why do people join gangs?
Teenagers join gangs for the excitement of gang activity. Others might feel pressured to join a gang, or they must just want attention. They might want attention even if its negative so that's why they join gangs (Dulia). Another reason is they'll join gangs because gangs promise power that gives them a sense of security. Also because they feel pressured to join a gang for protection from other gangs (Feaste).

How do you identify people in gangs?
Gangs identify themselves with specific colors. Some people in gangs where a certain color bandana on one side of the body. They might also draw graffiti on their clothing or other personal belongings. Also gangs have come up with hand signals to identify their gang affiliation (Feaste).

How do gangs affect the community?
Gang violence and gang wars typically suck up cities police resources because of the sheer number of people involved in gangs. Police have to be all focused on gangs and gang activities instead of tending to other people that could use their help (Effect of Gangs).

Gangs can bring down property value from the violence and vandalism in the neighborhood. Gangs can also drive up prices of local groceries stores via their intimidating schemes that force businesses to pay them sums of money in exchange for “protection”( Effect of Gangs).


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